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Comment made by David on 21/7/2014 at 4:03:PM
Having grown up in California we have quite a mix of cusines and of course all are authentic. The Mexican foods found in local restaurants are quite good and I have my favorite dishes, but are they authentic? I also have been married to Chinese and Japanese ladies (not at the same time.) And have had the pleasure of Asian cuisines. I have found that the family dishes are subtily different than the restaurant fare, but have a likeness. I once went on a trip to Mexico and ate at a tourist restaurant the food was different than the Mexican dishes you get in California, but very delicious. Most of the Asian and Mexican restaurants I have dined in Poland fall short of the California experience and I blame that mainly on the ingredients. So about now you are saying, if you don'tlike it, go home. But in my defense I must say my tastes are eclectic. I hate curry and cabbage in the U.S. but here the people just know how to do it right. I love the common Polish traditional foods, and if I find a party from Bangalore I have no problem feasting on Bigos or firey hot curry dishes, but only if they are made by the native population. This is authentic cuisine and amazingly it is always good.
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