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12th June 2016

Day 1 - 36 Gigabytes remaining

I woke up at around 5AM a few minutes before the first of my many alarms were set to go off. Just enough time to have a cup of tea and get my shit together. read more

18th July 2015

After everything that had happened in the weeks before I left Poland I was in no hurry to return. I had said farewell to all my friends, packed up as many of my possessions as I could into four large suitcases and one very large bike bag. Back in England I changed the little bit of Polish currency into good old British pounds on the assumption that I wouldn't be returning "any time soon". read more

19th January 2015

The Sunday roast (praise be unto it) has finally arrived in Kraków. read more

27th November 2014

It was a great thrill to see my Nowa Huta tram tracks photo in print in The Kraków Post read more

15th November 2014

It was the last day in Prague and we were beginning to get the hang of this tourism lark. read more

14th November 2014

I woke up after not quite enough sleep, with a fuzzy head. After a few more hours rest and nearly a litre of water I was ready to go down to the breakfast room and meet the others. read more

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