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Vernissage - Aviation Musuem

Friday saw me going for a walk to the Aviation Museum.

I had been planning to visit it for some time, but just hadn't got round to it. Today I had a couple of motivating factors. First, a friend was organising an exhibition of art by disabled people. Vernissage usually equates to free wine, but this time no alcohol was on offer. Second, free entrance (although you can normally get free entry on Tuesdays anyway). I walked to the aviation museum (stopping off at Galeria Plaza and McDonald's on the way). Google Maps led me slightly astray and I ended up doing a massive circuit round the entire museum grounds (and half the surrounding industrial estate).

The vernissage was interesting enough photos here. After a brief talk by some local dignitaries we all went off to the field so that the stars of the show (the artists) could have a brief flight in a balloon.

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